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Salman Khan Upcoming Movies List 2017, 2018 | Release Dates

Salman Khan New Upcoming Movies Name List, Release Date, Producer Name, Director Name, StoryLine, Plot

Salman Khan Upcoming Movies List 2017, 2018 | Release Dates


Salman Khan Upcoming Movies List 2017, 2018 | Release Dates, Here a full list of upcoming Bollywood movies of Salman Khan and their Release dates with their star cast and other crew members name are available here.


1. Movie Name – Ragu Raja Ram

Star Cast – Salman Khan, Manisha Koirala, Govinda, Jackie Shroff

Directed by – David Dhawan

Story Line / Plot – Three friends Raghu,Raja and Ram are in love with the same girl where one cannot see,one cannot hear and one cannot speak.


2. Movie Name – No Entry Mein Entry

Release Date – 2017

Star Cast – Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Bipasha Basu

Directed by – Anees Bazmee

Produced by – Boney Kapoor, Rajesh Shah


3. Movie Name – Tubelight

Release Date – 23 June 2017

Star Cast – Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Zhu Zhu

Directed by – Kabir Khan

Produced by – Amar Butala, Rajan Kapoor, Kabir Khan, Salma Khan, Salman Khan, Garima Mehta

Story Line / Plot – In a small picturesque town in North India, Laxman (Salman Khan) lives with his younger brother Bharat (Sohail Khan). The two have no other family and are inseparable. Laxman’s world comes crashing down, when war breaks out and Bharat gets drafted into the Army. A helpless Bharat leaves a devastated Laxman behind. News from the border only worsens, as the tension continues to escalate. Seeing the carnage around him and worried for his brother, Laxman decides he must stop this conflict and get his brother back.


4. Movie Name – Tiger Zinda Hai

Release Date – 22 December 2017

Star Cast – Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Kichcha Sudeep

Directed by – Ali Abbas Zafar

Produced by – Aditya Chopra, Aashish Singh

Salman Khan Upcoming Movies List 2017, 2018 | Release Dates


Salman Khan Last Released Movies in 2016, 2017

1. Movie Name – Sultan

Released Date – 6 July 2016

Star Cast – Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Marko Zaror

Directed by – Ali Abbas Zafar

Produced by – Aditya Chopra, György Czutor, Sudhanshu Kumar, Bharat Rawail, Aashish Singh, Navmeet Singh

Story Line / Plot – Sultan is a story of Sultan Ali Khan – a local wrestling champion with the world at his feet as he dreams of representing India at the Olympics. It’s a story of Aarfa – a feisty young girl from the same small town as Sultan with her own set of dreams. When the 2 local wrestling legends lock horns, romance blossoms and their dreams and aspirations become intertwined and aligned. However, the path to glory is a rocky one and one must fall several times before one stands victorious – More often than not, this journey can take a lifetime. Sultan is a classic underdog tale about a wrestler’s journey, looking for a comeback by defeating all odds staked up against him. But when he has nothing to lose and everything to gain in this fight for his life match… Sultan must literally fight for his life. Sultan believes he’s got what it takes… but this time, it’s going to take everything he’s got.

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