10+ Free chatting apps to Talk with strangers – Best Stranger Chat App without Login

chat with random strangers using this popular app which is very simple to use. these are the Best Stranger Chat Apps available for every device such as Android And iOS.

but if you don’t want to chat with strangers on your android smartphone so, you can also use the web version of these amazing Stranger Chat Apps by visiting the official website.

1. Talk With Stranger

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it is not just an app but also a social network that allows you to chat with strangers at no any cost. right now you can access this cool app on your android smartphone by downloading the android version from google play store but if you are using desktop so you can use web version by visiting the official website.

there is no need to login and sign up for on Talk With Stranger app for chatting to anyone. just enter your name and it will automatically connect with the random persons who are online now.

Download Talk With Stranger

2. Kapps

great android app to talk with real persons without any account registration and social logins and signups. you can talk with any stranger Anonymous and they were only able to see the user name you took and if you want to share images so, you can easily share any format of the image such as .png, .jpg, .jpeg, etc.

the best app for single girls and boys who want to chat with any stranger girl and boys. Kapps comes with the ULTRA SECURE feature so, tighten your security and privacy when you are using it.

Download Kapps

3. ForthDimension

500,000+ strangers already installed this android app on their android smartphone that makes this app very popular among all strangers who want to talk with any random person online without any login and signups.

the best thing about this app is it’s Size 4.9M only so, don’t matter that you are using a high capacity ram smartphone or just and old smartphone with 500 MB ram.

it means you don’t need to uninstall any app if you have an android smartphones with low capacity.

Download Forth Dimension Stranger Chat

4. CamTalk Live video chat with a random stranger

best chatting app for those who are interested to talk only girl strangers because this app is very among girls.

but it doesn’t mean that you can not talk same-sex stranger if you are interested to talk with male strangers or it may be that you are a girl who is reading this post right now and wanted to talk with a stranger so, you can also download this android app from google play store. The download link is given below.

Download Android App

5. Chat-up

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if you are finding any android application for chatting with strangers so, you should definitely try this chatting to strangers app once in your life because this is not like other that gives you only anonymously chat feature but here you can also create your own profile.

so, another stranger will know something about you such as about your gender, your name if you wanna tell and this a very good feature because other apps you need to first send M if you are male or F if you are Female but here you don’t need to type that M or F.

Download Chat-up App

6. Sweet Chat

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another random chatting apps that allow you to find strangers only from all over the world and convert them into friends. no doubt this anonymous chat application is very focused on taking care of privacy so you don’t need to think about it.

but if still, you are worried about it so, you can try using fake names for chatting with any random person. this app is only available for android smartphone users and the app download link is given below.

Download Sweet Chat App

7. Blindmatch

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Blindmatch is one of the best app for chatting with strangers, you can do many live chats with any random stranger without providing any your personal information.

before you install and start using this app things to remember are do not sharing inappropriate messages, don’t share personal information on this chatting to strangers app and also don’t share nudes and inappropriate images cause it may block your account permanently.

Blindmatch is an app to chat with strangers is also helpful for making new friends with control on your privacy. so, if you’re finding apps to chat with strangers you can download it from google play store for your android smartphone.

you can also share Youtube videos with your random stranger by clicking on plus icon in the app during chat with any stranger.

Download Blindmatch App

8. Talk Chat

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sending images, videos, voice with this stranger talk app, which is called Talk Chat, with this strangers chat app you can start connection with any Stranger, you can even select gender to start chating with any girl if you’re finding a female stranger to chat with then you can easily become friend with that girl and hangout with her in real life.

currently this app has 500,000+ install and size is 27MB if you’re gonna download it on your android smartphone. they update this app time to time so, if you’re finding chat for strangers app so, this could be a suitable android app for you, which you can download easily from google play store download link is given below.

Download Talk Chat App

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