How to Create Epaylater UPI VPA

if you are using Epaylater first time so, it needs first-time UPI set up for payment on the merchant websites and it may be that you are new for creating UPI so, you can learn by this step by step guide.

you can create your own UPI VPA on Epaylater very easily by following these below steps.

How to Create Epaylater UPI

Step.1: Open ePayLater Mobile App

if you have already ePaylater installed so, open it on your android smartphone.

Step.2: Go to your Profile

please visit the profile section after clicking on the profile link or photo.

Step.3: Click “Set up ePayLater UPI”

creating ePaylater UPI same as creating UPI on Phone, Paytm, etc. you can do it easily in this app after clicking on ePayLater UPI set up in the profile section.

Step.4: Now Select your ePayLater ID SIM

like other UPI apps such as Bhim etc. it also requires you to select Sim, because it will automatically verify OTP from that mobile number.

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