Best English Learning App in India – Top English Learning App for Students in India

don’t matter you are a student or a working professional if you are a beginner in English learning and finding a very simple way to increase your vocabulary so, these English learning apps are for you.

these are the best online English learning app that allows you to know more about English and really helps in improving your grammar for free.

1. English Grammer Test

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if you are a beginner in English learning and finding the best app that can help you in improving your English grammar and vocabulary so this is the best for you.

this English Grammar Learning android app comes with a free offline grammar book so, you can improve English skills without having internet connection.

you can download this android app from the google play store and you can also download the apk file from the link given below.

Download Apk File

2. English Grammar Book Free

if you are an Indian person you have a good knowledge of Hindi but for some reason like a new job interview and for anything right now you want to learn English.

or it may be that you know English at the beginner level but now you want to push it to the advance level so, you can try English grammar book free which is a totally free app that you can download from google play store.

below is a direct download link to this official app that freely provides you thousands of question-answer related to English grammar and vocabulary.

Download Apk File

3. English Grammar

Best English learning app for Indians to improve their vocabulary. on this app, you can find topic-wise grammar rules so you can score high in your English language subject.

with this android app, you can also improve your English listening skills because here you can find many audio files of English conversation.

this has 1 million installs already and a review of 4.7 in google play store. if you want to download it so below you can find a direct to download this English learning app in India.

Download Apk File

4. Duolingo

a very popular app for learning English online in India and all over the world. this app has collection of many English learning games that allows you to learn English very easily.

on this app, you can also find fun quizzes and mini-lessons to improve your English grammar and vocabulary for free. the best thing about this app here you can learn the English language as well as many other languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. if you are interested.

Download Duolingo App

5. Memrise

learning app in india, top english learning app in india

Memrise is a top English learning app in India by that you can learn any foreign languages such as English, German, etc. this allows you to learn languages with entraining videos, other stuff.

here you can practice Difficult Words to speak free. if you are using any android smartphone so, you can download this learning app in India from google play store below is a direct link to this app.

Download Memrise App

6. ENGuru

indian english learning app, best indian english learning app

EnGuru is the best Indian english learning app if you did your schooling in other languages. this indian english app allows you to learn every basics of english language and even hard thing in english but level by level.

first steps start from basics so, you can learn detailed of English language and it’s grammar. curretly this app has 5 million installs and if you also want it so, you can download it from google play store a direct link for the android app is given below.

Download ENGuru App

7. Hello English

best english learning app in india

Hello English is best english learning app in India only because it allows you to learn English from your own native language this app supports Hindi along with many Indian languages which are Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali, etc.

in this app it is very easy to find every grammar topics, and it vocabulary has almost every word contained already. you can also chat with english chat bots to increase your vocabulary and communication skill. you can also install it if you want to learn english by playing games because it has quiz, games, which are totally free that helps you to learn english easily.

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