how to start trading online in India – Step by Step guide

if you are now or going to start trading so, here are some steps given below that you can follow to trade online.

1. Select a broker:

if you never invested in stock so, you can it by choosing any online broker or you can also become a client of an offline stock broker near you.

because in India you can only purchase some stocks by Sebi registered stock brokers. nowadays there are many online apps available that also allow you to trade online.

these brokers are a person who is between the stock exchange and they buy and sell stock on behalf of you.

2. Open a Demat Account:

after finding the best stock broker you can go to their office ask to open a DMAT account. Demat stands for the (dematerialized) account you can also create this account with no time on any trading app in India.

the best thing about the online app is it takes only two minutes where visiting offline trader takes more time than this.

basically this account is necessary to hold your securities and shares in an electronic form.

3. buy your first stock:

it depends on the way by which you are going to buy your first stock such as if you are going to buy using any app so it takes 1 minute and you can do it by finding stock in the app and you can buy stock.

but if you are a client of any offline stockbroker so, you can contact by email, the phone number that they have given to you at the time of opening the account. so, then you can ask them to place an order for you by purchasing that stock you are interested in.

4. Execution:

in this step, after providing instruction to your stockbroker they will process your request with the Sebi.

5. settlement

now your all purchased share will be settle to your Demat account.

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