Jio Payments Bank Account Opening : Step By Step Guide

if you are going to open your own Jio payment bank account but getting many troubles such as uploading Adhaar, taking selfie, etc. so, in this post you I a m going to explain every basics so, you can easily create and very your Jio Payments Bank account.

How To setup UPi and Create Jio Payment Bank Account

here is an step by step guide or you may say it is full process for creating your own account and for setting up UPI but first I you need to download latest version of Jio Payments Bank Apk so, then we can proceed next, because using a latest version is better for account safety and for more new features and other thing is latest version has always hard security than previous one.

so, first if you have already downloaded and installed on your android smartphone so, we can proceed next other wise you can download Jio Payments Bank App first.

I hope you already installed latest version of this app from google play store using this link. now move to the our topic “account opening”

for creating an account you must follow these all below steps properly so, then you can get verify your account and use your Jio Payments Bank.

Step-1. Jio Payments Bank Login

if you have installed it so, you need to login to your app but first it need registration so, if you have already an account on previous version of app so, you can login now but if you don’t have so, first create account.

to create your account you need have Jio sim enabled on your smart phone because this payments bank or you may say Jio wallet is only for Jio Sim holders so, if you are one of them who thinks that they can use jio wallet on airtel sim so, I don’t hink it is possible but there is one option to use this wallet using Airtel and any other sim such as Idea, Vodafone but the problem is I have not tried that option so, I am nut 100 percent sure that this will work or not and the option is first, create account using jio sim then port to airtel now, it may be that you can use it on Airtel but I am not 100 percent sure.

but if you you are using jio sim in your smartphone so, here is every thing you need to know but one thing more you need to have sim into your smartphone not outside the phone because it automatically detects using sms verification.

when login you need to choose sim slot at the time of login to app so, then you can receive a SMS which is comes with otp that required for verification.

Step-2. Complete account Information

so, guys and girls you need to fill every info about your self not about you are single or not its only some info that required to complete your profile this step is same like you have already did at the time of creating account.

here you need to fill full name, Your Email which is required for verification purpose and please also complete all mandatory options.

Step-3. Visit Jio Bank Section

now, in this step you need to upgrade your account by visiting Jio bank Account section in the app that you can easily find visiting dashboard in the app.

here after opening Jio Bank page into app now, you will able to see link to upgrade your account you cna click that link without any hesitation. so, when you click on that link to upgrade you jio wallet to payment bank account it wil ask you to send some notification.

and you should allow that notification thing because otherwise there is not any way to opening you payment bank or wallet or jio so, do this. and it will redirect you to Jio Payment Bank Account opening page.

Step-4. Sim Selection

in this step you need to choose sim for account opening after, choosing sim it will verify your mobile number same like last by sending otp but you don’t need to do anything because it is totally automatic process so, just sit back and relax until it completes.

many users asked me that their sim is not working so, my answer is it may be because your sim is not linked with any savings bank account please use only those sim which is already linked with bank account means real life bank accounts such SBI account, etc.

one thing more after choosing sim and verification it needs you to setup a MPIN like you have already did on Googlepay but if you don’t want to use it so, you can also use Fingerprint Unlock.

Step-5. Refresh App & Proceed

in this step you need to visit dashborad section once again and then you need find a link Upgrade Jio Payments Bank Saving Account and click on it.

but if you can’t find any link or banner containing Upgrade your Jio Payments Bank Saving Account so, you can try it by refreshing this app and by closing and opening again.

now, if you were able to see that link so, now, you can click on it it will redirect you to a page where you need to fill you adhaar card details. just enter your correct Adhaar Card Number and proceed to next.

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