how to disable/ re-enable one-tap login on Facebook

in this tutorial, you can learn how to login to Facebook using profile picture on any device such as android, iOS, Web, etc. you can also learn how to disable and re-enable it.

How To Disable Facebook app login with picture

login to the facebook using profile picture is a very good option but if you don’t like it or using anyone else’s computer and wants to disable it so you can proceed next with this below steps.

Step:1. Login Facebook First

because everyone’s Facebook settings are password-protected so, that’s why you need to login to Facebook to access it.

Step:2. Visit This Settings option of your account

after login, you must visit the account setting section of your Facebook account. you can find it under the right dropdown menu.

facebook profile picture login settings, how to remove one tap login on facebook

Step:3. Now, its turn to visit Security and Login

facebook security login, how to access security login in to facebook

you can visit the security and login section by the link available in the left sidebar menu in settings.

Step:4. Remove Account

disable facebook picture login

you can remove your account after clicking on the edit button just next to save your login information.

it’s done, you have successfully disabled picture login on Facebook.

How To Re-Enable Facebook app login with picture

you need to follow these below steps for login to Facebook if you want to log in by the profile picture.

Step:1. Visit Facebook

first, you need to visit and find a drop-down menu which is available next to the question mark link.

Step:2. Find Security & Login Section

now you need to click on security and login option which is at second position into the left sidebar.

Step:3. Save your Login information

under the login, you can find save your login information. here you can enable profile picture login after clicking on the edit button just next right to the save your login information below is an screenshot.

enable facebook picture login, fb picture login on android

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