How to make your Facebook Dark Mode Android, iPhone and other Devices

there are many different ways to make facebook dark for android and iOS devices. here you can learn some of them one by one.

1. By Enabling Nigh Mode

if your phone is running on latest android version so, it is very easy to make facebook dark using night mode feature on android.

if you don’t know how to enable dark mode here are some steps to be follow:-

  • go to smartphone main settings.
  • then find night mode to enable it.

that’s it now, you can browse any website even facebook with dark mode. if this way is not working for you so, then you can proceed to next way.

2. By Using Chrome Dark Feature

step.1 – visit this link chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark by copy and pasting it to browser url bar in chrome.

step.2 – you will arrive on a page where you can enable or disable dark mode for every website you will visit into chrome.

step.3 – to enable dark mode you need to enable it from the default settings.

make your Facebook Dark

Step-4. after selecting enable you can see a button in the footer which is Relaunch Button. it means chrome is asking you to relaunch your browser just hit that button but don’t forget to save any pending works on your browser.

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