Best Trading App in India – Top Trading App for Stock in India

do you know Zerodha, Share Khan is not only the popular app for stock trading in India?? but, there are many other apps that allow trading share on very low fees. here you can find all the best trading app for buying and selling a share of any company in the Indian Stock market.

Zerodha Kite

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zerodha is the best stock trading app for beginners in India that allows you to trade with zero brokerage fees. in this app you need to first verify your account by sending your documents by email then you will receive password and kit id so, then you can login and buy your own share of your favorite company.

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2. Kotak Stock Trader

this app is launched by Kotak Bank in India here, you can buy and sell stocks of every company BSE or NSE in India. with this app, you can track and manage all your portfolio in one place.

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