which is the best affiliate marketing programs?

what is affiliate marketing program?

affiliate marketing is a way to make money by referring someone to buy anything. you can make unlimited money by promoting any brands, service and products.

for example – you know that Netflix works on monthly subscription model so, if you want to stream any series, movies online on Netflix so, you need to have monthly subscription to the Netflix.

assume netflix monthly subscription cost is $50 and Netflix wants to increase their user base so, they need to advertise online but it is not more profitable because many ad viewers are not interested in buying.

so, they decided to grow their affiliate program by offering a affiliate programs. they decided that Netflix currently users can also make 10% of the monthly subscription by referring someone else such as their friends, collegues, etc. so, this is what affiliate marketing and how it works.

Best affiliate marketing programs are available here.

1. Amazon Affiliates

you can sell any amazon products after creating your account on Amazon affiliates.

2. Walmart affiliates

Walmart offers you to earn commission by referring anyone to Walmart. you can make a good commission when someone will purchase any thing using your affiliates link.

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